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Terms and Conditions

Once all parties have agreed on the end product, HD Media will deliver the end solution within the agreed deadlines and contracted budget after the planning stage.

Where graphic design, illustrations or photographic services are requested watermarked images will be submitted for approval where upon final payment will be expected.

In the case of web development viewable access to the site / sites in a test area will be provided for approval where payment will be required before the web site / sites will be uploaded to the live hosting area.

Where work is conducted over an extended period of time increment payments will be made by the client on production of progress reports or images. Unless an hourly rate is agreed upon by all parties then the hourly rate totalled will be paid at the end of each agreed period.

In the case of graphic design illustrations or photographic services all high resolution images will be delivered to the client via the agreed method once all funds have cleared. Where web design solutions are requested agreed access to developed site / sites will be given on payment of all funds.

Where a client decides to place a cancellation against requested work and HD Media have already started the project, then an invoice for all work competed so far will be submitted to the client's account department where payment will be expected in respect to the completed work.