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Illustartion and Design Art

Branding & Logos - Design & Illustration - Desktop Publishing - Coporate Merchandise

Hero Designs provides high quality art and illustration in all digital media or formats to suite the needs of clients.

An illustration is a simple way of representing something that exist or that is imaginary in visual image. From a simple clip art, graphic novels, tile textures, funny cartoons, a children's story, comic illustrations, to a complex photo-realistic or 3D images.

Our art and illustration team works closely with the client to ensure the image visualised is created to the exact style specifications required.

Hero Design's skilled illustrators and design artists have extensive experience across wide and varied styles of illustration and art allowing use to deliver services and products to many different industries from film, publishers, TV, advertising, Game developers, design agencies, newspapers, web sites developers, merchandising organisations, broadcast companies and even large advertising campaigns across the globe.

We are focused on visual communication with the express aim of delivering the very best results and value to our clients. We are confident that we can handle just about any project requested and testimony to this is our satisfied clientele across the globe.

  • Posters & Billboards
  • Vector Illustrations
  • Icon Design and development
  • Digital format conversion
  • Cartoons
  • Book cover design
  • Humorous illustrations
  • Children's books
  • Medical illustration
  • Concept illustration
  • Photo-realistic illustration
  • T-shirts
  • Graphics for games
  • Comics books
  • Animations
  • Corporate merchandise
  • Magazine art

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