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Content Managed Websites

The next level is the Content-Managed System website (CMS). These websites are database-driven, the content of the website is stored in a database that can be updated, databases are powerful applications, allowing searches and updates in real-time. A Content Management System (CMS) allows users to input content in to your website without having to hand-edit individual page of code. Another name which is commonly used to describe database-driven website is dynamic website.

Hero Designs are well placed to offer consultancy and practical CMS website development to all our clients. At Hero designs we utilise the industry standard database products, which ensures our CMS development solutions are compatible with all web platforms.

Simply because we utilise the industry standard database products and language SQL (Structured Query Language) clients can be assured that all data extraction and population to disparate database systems can be achieved securely and with ease.

Please contact us with your requirements.