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e-commerce Websites

E-Commerce (Electronic commerce), as the name suggests, allows a website to take secure payments online. There are a myriad of e-commerce solutions available to the merchant, both free and commercial. However, to ensure reliable delivery of an e-commerce website that will stand  the pressures of high volume using a professionally developed commercial application is essential to an organisations status and integrity 
Hero Designs are capable of creating and integrating a full range of managed e-commerce enabled solutions that offer merchant providers a secure client payment system able to cope with world wide safe and secure sales, these include:

  • WorldPay
  • Paypal
  • DataCash
  • ProtX / SagePay
  • Netbanx / Neovia
  • SecurePaytech
  • Bitcoin

The type of e-commerce solution an organisation requires depends on the business requirements, in addition, to the type of products or services offered. At Hero Designs we are able to create payment systems for all products lines or services to suit many different industries.

If you have a requirement for sophisticated software stock control such as sizing (clothing, for example), invoicing or reporting, we have the ability to deliver bespoke solutions that suit these requirements.

Needless to say, as new security schemes such as VISA™ and MasterCard™ secure have emerged into the marketplace, Hero Designs are well placed to deliver the extra integration required to utilise these new secure systems aiding in the implementation of a secure e-commerce website for any organization.

Please contact us with your requirements.